This blog was originally created in 2008 as a resource for those wishing to understand current environmental law, as well as a place to highlight emerging energy technology. However, as I have learned, environmentalism and environmental law cannot be studied in isolation, as all “environmental” policies have far reaching and often unintended effects.

The future sustainability of our current human population, and the preservation of the biodiversity that allows for this population, will be dependent on near-term choices on how we will shift from fossil fuel dependency within current market systems.

Achieving this shift will mean unprecedented smart investment, political willpower, and an engaged citizenry. Having worked in the U.S. Senate, as well as with various environmental NGO’s, I have first hand knowledge of how little of this recipe currently exists.

Thus, the focus of this blog will now shift to discussing the interplay between: (i) the military industrial complex and our fossil fuel demands; (ii) GDP growth, the economy, and social inequity; and (iii) resource allocation and depletion; and how these topics must become the main points of discussion in a country that is currently divided by political partisanship.

Hope you enjoy.

Kevin O’Rourke, J.D.

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